Veranda Understanding

What have we lost…?

I’ll tell you what we have lost

We’ve lost the Veranda

​Public space

Private soul view

​Our partaking

​Across the soft growth of Spring

​So longed for

​And here, just here

​Flowering again

In a surprise silence

Spotting enmeshed hearts

Minds soothed

Once locked


​All is somewhat clearer

​Whilst surveying history



Our history

​My father and I had some unfinished business

​So he took me there

​Away, but close

​A chance to converge the measure of experience

​With the madness of study

​Like a shaded magic

​Conjuring long overdue balance

​In our world of short delights

​Of such deafening corrupted noise

​To stare out on afternoons

That kept evenings at hand

​He took me there

​To bestow on me friendship again

​In books and in bloom

​In depth

And standing for a rounded

Cheerier knowledge

Among the park grass

​A still expanse on our understanding

​Away from the restless

A 'Yes' to Learning

​To Light

​To Love

​For as we contemplate all that we have lost

​The Veranda

The people of wonder


​There is this…


​That today I woke

​And again I have the keys