Unpacking Golden Skies
An Online Photography and Poetry Exhibition by leere with Brian Monaghan, marking one year since the historic rulings of 'unlawful killings' at the Warrington inquests into the death of 96 Liverpool F.C. fans. Our Thanks go to Phil Scraton, to Margaret Aspinall and to the families and friends of the 96 who campaigned with such courage and determination  for truth and for justice.
                                      'At the end of the storm, there's a golden sky'
Golden Skies
From Within
A Dark Furtive Sea
The Deepest
As Shallow
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Along Each Route
Curb The Light
Like Some Distant Paper Circle
And Even Here
Spin Time
Too Ashamed
To Greet
The Sight
Of A Victory
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The Dark Furtive Sea
And To Stare
Besides The Rush Of Justice
Golden Skies
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I have just received an advanced copy of the fine poem ('Unpacking Golden Skies'). Thank you to leere. Those moments in court as the verdict and findings were returned, the remarkable scenes at St George's Hall the following day and the full public realisation of the extent of the miscarriages of justice that comprised Hillsborough will remain with us forever. Over three years earlier, on the 12 September 2012 I delivered the the findings of the Hillsborough Independent Panel to the families at the Anglican Cathedral. They reversed 23 years of institutional abdication of responsibility and media-fuelled myths, laying the ground for new inquests and their ground-breaking verdict and unequivocal riders placing reponsibility at the doors of the police and all other authorities. We now await the outcomes of the Independent Police ComplaintsCommission and criminal investigations. Thank you for unpacking golden skies ... x


(Phil Scraton, Author of 'Hillsborough: The Truth')

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