STANDING UP FOR ABSENCE (...On Father's Day) : Delighted to share the news that 'Standing Up For Absence (...On Father's Day') a  leere mini album will be ready for release on Monday 3rd June 2019. Mastered at Piggyback Studios, Burton-on-Trent., it will feature 6 original songs and 2 cover songs. We hope to release a single from the recordings in the very near future. With thanks to Chris White and to George and to Stevie Hines.  More info to follow here at or at 

Track Listings:

Standing Up For Absence (...On Father's Day)

Rock Island Line

Pulse And Flower

Playing Charlie Chaplin

Foggy, Foggy Dew

Run Up My Back (featuring Tom Wright)

Our Wooden Bridge

Ocean Delivery (remastered)



I often wonder through the day

Why I strive for work and pay?

Wonder at the cost to live

The aches, the pains that work does give

Wonder why the early rise

When and where I’ll find blue skies


But look around that dark grey cast

It’s lifting, melting, going fast

Eyes of brown, grey and green

They are my jewels, my perfect dream

All my work, my toil and strife

Becomes a pleasure for my kids and wife


George Hines


"Man adopts a role called 'Being a Father' so that his child would have something mythical and infinitely important: a Protector, who would keep a lid on all the chaotic and catastrophic possibilities of life.” (Tom Wolfe)

On significant dates in the calendar we can come to feel the loss of loved ones so more profoundly. There might be many reasons we feel a sense of 'absence' this coming 'Father's Day' (Sunday 16th June 2019). A father could have been fairly 'absent' for a large chunk of one's life through parental separation, through personal choice or a distinct set of circumstances. A father might have passed away suddenly without the opportunity to speak of the love held between two souls. A father might just not be able to 'be  around' on that day this year. Indeed there might be a sense of 'absence', because our other dear loved ones are not alongside our families, our friends and our fathers on that date. This short record (8 tracks) was made with all those struggling on such days in mind......with an idea that song and humour preserve our deepest memories and our closest connections....and with a sense of how 'presence' can - with time and understanding - simply come to replace 'absence'. 'Standing Up For Absence (...On Father's Day)' out on Monday 3rd June 2019. Thanking you all!