Snowdonian Silhouettes


Snowdonian Silhouettes

Pretty in a morning haze

One Eastertide

Like a scarf of thin white silk

Draped across the shoulders of distant peaks

April 9th

Probably as much as I know right now…



From my lone coastline station

Head anything but still

That Eastertide

I halt transfixed at timeless form

For who knows anything of visible presence

Behind  Unity

The Unity we bypass with our bypasses and our unruly speed…


Snowdonia of contours and of balance

East it sweeps with poise

There’s no hiding its Easter

Carmel upon the slopes, Waunfawr close,

The 'Afon Seoint' nurturing its tubers

I think I pray

Help explain my soul, and don’t vanish tomorrow

Please don’t vanish tomorrow

For I need to imitate this revered landscape

An Easter Day now revealed

The crest of inner waves

Of forbearance, the secret of its strength,

I need to implant it

In a morning haze, to rouse in Snowdonian Silhouettes


Announce a young spirit

Above all human noise

I then smile

A Diolch am byth

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