'Plainly Mount Carmel'

Plainly Mount Carmel (Side A)                                     Plainly Mount Carmel (Side B)                      


1) Maryton Way                                                                 6) It's The Land That Ignites Me     

2) Plainly Mount Carmel                                                7) My Cathedral Over Yours

3) Multiple Destinies                                                        8) Among The Redwoods

4) She Flew In (...To See Flo)                                          9) All The Virtues

5) Prayer Of The Possible                                             10) The Presence



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Plainly Mount Carmel (Side A)                                      Plainly Mount Carmel (Side B)




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                  Our thanks go to Tom Pearson and to 'Wild Duck Productions' and to the 

                                       Carmelite Community at 'Maryton Grange', Liverpool

                      'How friendly all men would be one with another, if no regard were paid         

           to honour and  to money! I believe it would be a remedy for everything’ (Teresa of Avila)

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