leere - ON TRUTH AND RENEWAL (Acoustic)




Is the environment still a source of creativity and inspiration for the modern singer/songwriter? Do we need to hear tunes about 'the sun', 'the moon', 'the stars' and 'the sea'? How distant from the natural world are some of the ‘truth claims’ that we hold? Can nature help steer our interpretations of life and untangle any false perceptions?


‘On Truth And Renewal’ is a collection of acoustic songs recorded in the moment – on one guitar, with one vocal, using one microphone, outside of a studio setting – reflecting on how people might arrive at a sense of meaning and ‘truth’ through interaction with the natural world. 




1) All Congregate

2) From The Ripples At The Water's Edge

3) Sister Morning Calls

4) Lily

5) She Brings Home Butterflies

6) Summer Kid

7) See It Buber Wide

8) Who's To Argue

9) Whole Days In The Wisdom Of Berlin

10) Welcome Her Name Back

11) Reminder

12) Ocean Delivery

13) Peace At Baglan

14) Brokenside

(Save All Your Kisses For Me)



Throughout the recordings the quote below from the Jewish philosopher, Martin Buber (1878-1965), helped shape some of the themes and the lyrical direction.

I do not accept any absolute formulas for living. No preconceived code can see ahead to everything that can happen in a man's life. As we live, we grow and our beliefs change. They must change. So I think we should live with this constant discovery. We should be open to this adventure in heightened awareness of living. We should stake our whole existence on our willingness to explore and experience.’ (Martin Buber)


‘Lily’ is the first of several tracks from ‘On Truth And Renewal’ to be released through the Internet Archive forum on the ‘Gumbo’ net label (run by Piggyback Studios, Derbyshire) . Hear 'Lily' below on YouTube. More information at cherishedformslearning8@gmail.com