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A Brief History of leere and the band 'Rev'lator'


The band 'Rev'lator' were formed in the winter of 1991 when Newcastle University students Tim Shakespeare and Simon Monaghan began to write and to record songs of their own, and to play across the North East of England at various music venues, pubs and clubs with fellow musicians Joe Percy, Graham Dunford and Erica Stones. The band moved to the Midlands in the summer of 1996 and were managed by Paul Dempsey (Triniman) playing gigs across Leamington Spa, Warwick and Stratford-upon-Avon.


The group recorded two 5 track EP's at Gighouse Studios outside Leamington Spa. The first was entitled 'Planetsized' (1997), the second went under the name of 'Songs From The Bard County' (1999) . A single by the group called 'Letter Writing/Black And White' was completed in the year 2001. As the band explored different sounds and began to gig on a wider scale, the line-up became more fluid, and by 2003 it was clear that new ideas and inspiration for the music would best emerge from a fresh look at the shape and the philosophy behind the band.


It was in the course of early preparation for the 'Compassionate Ride' album in 2004 that leere took hold as the best expression for a grouping of people who sought balance, meaning and space within song: 'that single point which gives out rest'. The album was released in 2005 with Wild Duck Productions, with the single 'St Catherine' being aired on BBC Coventry and Warwickshire in the first week of its release. A second single 'Hazel' featuring Jon Priestley, Wayne Matthews and Jack Gammon was released in 2007 and the band collaborated with Triangle Theatre Company in 2008, writing 'Parallel Cell' specifically for their production of 'The Last Women' at the Belgrade Theatre, Coventry.


The second album 'An Alleluia Of Sorts' (based very loosely on the Biblical book of Jonah) produced and engineered by Jon Priestley was completed in 2010 and features MOBO award winning artist Sandra Godley on backing vocals.


This album was followed closely by the acoustic simplicity of 'Ever Being On Lark Lane' in 2011, described by one review as 'an intimate love letter to a vibrant corner of Liverpool' and capturing the talents of Lis Roberts on violin and Nick Thompson on double bass. Two singles 'China Club' and 'Ubuntu' (for Nelson Mandela) were released from the album with the backing of 'Stuck Records/Piggyback Studios' based in Derbyshire, and the album was showcased on the 'Folkscene' programme with Stan Ambrose on BBC Radio Merseyside.


In early 2012 leere released a collection of poetry entitled 'Smiling Stories Of Triumph' and in March 2013 they participated in a short film about their origins called 'Where A Cool Light Unfolds' with SpektiFilms, featuring musicians John Kinane and Andy Britton. They released their fourth album 'Eat Out: It's Barbelucci Day' in summer 2014, a series of songs featuring  John, Andy, and drummer Chris White , all based on the novel 'The Particular Sadness Of Lemon Cake' by the author Aimee Bender.


A collection of rough and ready acoustic tracks - recorded away from the typical studio setting - was released under the title 'On Truth And Renewal' in 2015 on the 'Gumbo' net label, and original poetry from the group featured in the 'Seven Sisters Of Eldonian Space' exhibition on ageing and spirituality, shown in the city of Liverpool in summer 2016 at 'Arts Hub 47', Lark Lane, and at 'Unity Theatre', Hope Place, in Autumn 2016.

The photography and poetry project entitled 'Unpacking Golden Skies' (April 2017) considered the reaction to the inquests into the Hillsborough Tragedy held in Warrington in 2016, and the mini album 'Standing Up For Absence (On Father's Day)' , a collection of old and original acoustic folk songs was released in May 2019, with the single 'Playing Charlie Chaplin' available on Spotify.

leere are currently completing a series of recordings entitled 'Animals Around Here' at 'Electric Fields Studio' in Derbyshire, and working on a piece of poetry for the celebration of Coventry City of Culture 2021.