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In his teachings and writings the German mystic, Meister Eckhart (1260-1327), encouraged people to put aside their prejudices and their pre-occupations, their sense of any power or control, anxiety and fear, to find an inner calm and an openness to the workings of 'the Spirit' through 'die Leere' : an emptiness. His simple and sincere philosophy brought him into direct confrontation with the religious authorities of the time, and he defended himself against the charge of 'heresy'.  


Eckhart linked this understanding of 'emptiness' or 'openness' with the idea of a present and an energising force for creativity and purpose. In recent years there has been a re-surgence of interest in the ideas of Meister Eckhart, both within and outside of religious circles. It is this emphasis on a positive sense of inward and outward space, forging new beginnings, that we feel remains highly relevant.

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