Available Now: 'Seven Sisters of Eldonian Space'

The second in the 'leere city triology' of poems, entitled 'Seven Sisters of Eldonian Space' is now available. 


'One care home. Seven women living with dementia. What might their lives teach us about faith, renewal and community? This poetry piece set in Liverpool (part of the leere ‘city trilogy’ of poems) touches on the impact of ageing, on personal identity and belonging, and reflects on our collective response to shaping a care system fit for purpose post the Covid-19 pandemic. With a Foreword written by Paula Barker, Member of Parliament for Liverpool Wavertree.'  (Isidore/leere)


Available to buy at 'Gallery 455', Smithdown Road, Liverpool and at 'News From Nowhere' , Bold Street, Liverpool and at Waterstones, Liverpool One, priced £2.99. All proceeds to the 'Alzheimer's Society'.



'What's Going On ... 2021?' 

by leere

Inner Sanctuaries Cover 4.jpg















 'Inner Sanctuaries, City Histories’, written for the ‘City of Culture 2021’ celebrations, takes you on a carefully curated journey through the landmark sites of Coventry, looking afresh at the moral and the spiritual significance of the famous buildings and considering the crucial role of key historical figures in shaping a city’s core identity’ 

                   -       Isidore and Wild Duck Productions (July 2021)

 'INNER SANCTUARIES, CITY HISTORIES' IS NOW AVAILABLE TO BUY, PRICED £4.99. at Coventry Cathedral Gift Shop, Sitting Rooms Of  Cuture Shop (Coventry Market) and at Kenilworth Books.


Also available NOW at the link below on the 'Waterstones' website: 




































“Be willing to be a beginner every single morning" (Meister Eckhart)



Welcome to www.leere.co.uk.  Since 2004 the musical collective leere have brought together a wide range of artists and performers to explore themes related to a sense of positive space and to reflect on how the creative journey can offer balance and fresh perspective in our often busy and demanding lives . On this website you can find all details of recordings, writings and projects by leere and learn more about the ideas that have helped shaped their work. leere are currently working on new material for release in Summer 2021, including  songs for the 'Animals Around Here' project and poetry for Coventry's 'Capital of Culture' 2021 celebrations. Thanks for visiting these pages. We hope  they are of interest to you.

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